Trendi Switch
Trendiswitch is a complete range of light switches and sockets, available in Gloss White, Gloss Silver, Piano Black and Champagne Gold finishes. Design led for an elegant, seamless, retro re-fit, you can trust Trendiswitch throughout your project.

Involved in a large building product with a colour scheme you’d like to match all your light switches and plug sockets to?

Then Trendiswitch® can help!

Piano Black, Ice White, Silver, Champagne Gold & Matt Black are readily available colours of the shelf.

Copper and Teal are considered made to order and have a lead time of 14 days. Check with your retailer of choice to see their stock.

Bespoke colours of 100+ pieces have a 14 day build time.

Bespoke colours of 1-100 pieces please allow 1 month for production.

With Trendiswitch® you can choose from any RAL colour and, subject to quantity we can match your desired colour.

Our objective for the wiring accessories market is to bring a design led functional product to the worldwide market place that is similar in price to historical dated and ugly wiring accessories, such as your ‘conventional’ light switch and plug socket.

We believe that for the foreseeable future the light switch & plug socket are here to stay, regardless of electronic charging through the air ideas, the majority of appliances will still need to be plugged in and switched on for many years or decades to come.

The historical light switch & socket has been similar in design for many years, until now. Welcome to Trendiswitch®, with the functionality you would expect from a normal rocker light switch & electrical plug socket, it’s a designed product, far more pleasing on the eye.

Project renovations, new builds, refurbishments all require lighting controls to create the functionality of the wiring circuit. The light switch can often be an afterthought, but it is constantly used and at eye level, therefore an opportunity for Trendiswitch® to create the perfect finishing touch to your room design.


At Trendi we recognise the requirement for product development and whilst we are a new company we are keen to develop our products whilst keeping the design lines, for example of key importance to us at the moment is a good quality LED dimmer in 1,2,3 & 4 gang options.

Trendiswitch products fit onto standard U.K. back boxes.

Easy to install fireproof ABS plastic module casing. High quality non fade plastic face pate. Easy to clean screwless plate. 5 year guarantee.

All Trendiswitch products are certified to British Standard, CE & CB approved.