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Back in the early 2000’s new legislation was brought in to ensure that new build properties had specific low energy lighting.

The way this was achieved was by installing special pendants (the white circle on the ceiling, bit of flex and lamp holder) so they could only accept certain types of lamps/bulbs.

Those of you familiar with my blogs will know the industry pedant in me uses the word lamps but the realist who wants non industry readers to understand me wants to say bulbs.

Anyway, these designated low energy ceiling pendants came in two varieties, one to take the BC3 bulb (looks like a standard lamp with an extra pin) and one for compact fluorescent bulbs (lots of variations but a plastic base with two or four pins). So only these low energy lamps would fit into the lamp holders and that way new tenants or owners couldn’t get rid of the fluorescent energy savers and pop the old standard halogen or incandescent into the existing fittings.

This came with a few issues as the low energy lamps for these fittings were always more expensive than the less efficient original style and even the standard low energy bulbs.

Fast forward a few years and we are in the LED age where our former energy saving options (fluorescent)have all been replaced by more efficient and versatile LED bulbs and the manufacture of the predecessor banned. Easier to dim, no gradual deterioration of output and available in a variety of shapes styles and outputs.

So now what?

Well LED versions of both the BC3 and old CFL lamps are available but they are limited in their options. For example go and google three pin bayonet bulbs now and see what wattages are available. 10 and 15 watt pretty much all there is right and just look at those prices, it’s enough to make your eyes water. The LED replacements for CFL’s have more variety but still an expensive option and limited in the aesthetic appeal.

Compare these to the LED equivalents. Much more variety, and noticeably cheaper (especially if you get them from Edison’s electrical)

So, in short these lamp holders are now an irrelevance, the lighting equivalent of VHS, yes you can still use them if you want but there are much better options out there.

My advice get an electrician in, have them changed and enjoy the huge range of LED bulbs available.

Of course if you’re not sure of how to pick the right LED we can help, we have blogs on colour temperature, lumens and the new energy ratings on our website or just give us a call, pop in or send an email we are always happy to help.

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